Thursday, September 17, 2009

Major Oh

Posted by Mariel on Thursday, September 17, 2009

When I joined Cosmo as beauty editor in 2005, I was fresh out of a four-year stint at Seventeen, its sister publication. I had to learn many things, including new luxury brands I didn't work with previously, plus the uncanny nicknames of Cosmo's fun fearless sexy sections.

During one of the first staff meetings I'd attended, nothing struck me out of the ordinary: Like any other planning session, each editor narrated her lineup and story ideas, while the Editor-in-Chief and the rest of the team put in their two-cents worth. After I 'passed' my turn, things started getting fuzzy. One of the editors began to say:

"So for minor sex, are we working on…?"

I paused to make sure I heard right. The other editor continued:

"But for major sex, we're running [name of article]."

I took that as my cue to ask, shyly to boot, "Um, what do you mean by minor and major sex?"

Immediately I was let in on these racy section heads. "Minor sex are the one-page, short features we run on sex and relationships," one of the girls explained. "Major sex are the longer, in-depth features we do, like those four-pagers on how to get the best orgasm, etc." she finished.

"Oh." I muttered feebly. "I see."

The next two and a half years would be filled with many of these 'minor' and 'major' articles. While I mostly kept to the beauty pages, with the occasional essay and travel piece, it was nice working with a dynamic team and on an equally dynamic read filled with not only the hottest hunks and relationship tips, but also tongue-in-cheek, straightforward pieces catering to every Cosmo girl's dilemma—fashion, beauty, food, living…and everything in between—out there.

And now that the mag has revamped its space over the blogosphere, I can only imagine endless fun and fascination with all things wonderful and Oh-inducing!

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