Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Don't stop believing."

Posted by Mariel on Wednesday, September 02, 2009
With Journey lead singer, Arnel Pineda and drummer, Deen Castronovo, in the background.

My recent errand trip to New York was highlighted by two events:

1) The Journey performance outside the CBS studios and

2) A last-minute showing of The September Issue, starring Anna Wintour herself, Grace Coddington, and the rest of the American Vogue posse.

Both were unexpected and proved be pleasant, wonderful, and immensely entertaining. And for the former: inspiring.

I blogged earlier this year about lead singer Arnel Pineda's meteoric and fairy tale-like rise to fame, having been discovered by Journey founder and guitarist, Neal Schon, one late night on YouTube. The rest was awesome music history and in the past year and a half or so, Arnel has been touring the world with his favorite band. (Read my Hiatus post here.)

While Journey and Steve Perry songs like Open Arms and Foolish Heart never waned in terms of airplay in the Philippines (hop on any taxi or bus and you're likely to hear either one), in the U.S., the band has enjoyed a career renaissance of sorts when The Sopranos ended the series with that cliffhanger diner scene and played the band's 1981 hit, Don't Stop Believin—a song that has also become a mainstay in the New York club and karaoke scene.

It was so nice to watch Arnel and the band live and literally soak in (it was drizzling) the happy, energetic vibe. If there's one inspiration story to cap this series, it's Arnel's: He represents 40 years of hard work, faith, and persistence—from humble beginnings down to finding refuge and success in music. I especially loved the sincerity and sense of gratitude he exuded onstage. He just seemed so kind, lighthearted, and happy—qualities to strive for on a daily basis. It was truly a treat to be amidst the crowd on that rainy New York Friday.

So that wraps up my Inspiration Series. I do have some more inspiration-themed posts planned along the way. Meanwhile, here's the trailer of The September Issue. Enjoy!

(The September Issue photo courtesy of

From my "Hiatus" post:

(7:18 will make you cry: "[My mother] taught me to fight the world
when it's just not too kind on you.")

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