Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"You're a kind soul."

Posted by Mariel on Wednesday, August 12, 2009
I will survive the next round.

Today I made a call to the Digital Film Academy in New York City to inquire about their 14-week Digital Film Making course which gives students a chance to learn to write, produce, direct, edit, and publish their own films. This skill set, I believe, is great to have in this economic clime, where print media is struggling to meet advertising quotas and at the same time churn out quality content even with skeletal staffs on board. (I DO still love paper, magazines, books, and newspapers by the way!)

I spoke to the president, Patrick DiRenna, who had a very subtle New York accent and whose demeanor on the phone was surprisingly very helpful. In my head I felt that I had to speed it up and ask the appropriate questions so as not to waste his time—but I also could tell that he welcomed my inquiry.

After getting all the information I needed, I politely said goodbye, thank you, and take care, to which he warmly replied, "You're a kind soul, I could tell by your voice."

I was stunned yet, at the same time, felt a surge of happiness. Comments like that are heartwarming, especially for someone who's been rejected the world over in a span of less than two years in Manhattan. These career blows are mainly why, this year, I've taken to living and traveling anywhere and everywhere else but NYC. (Part of my income still comes from there though, from off-site editing work. And my belongings are in a storage facility in Queens.)

But recent developments, along with this detoxing, stress-relieving sabbatical, have truly recharged my batteries and put things back in perspective: I feel that next year would be better and I would be able to take another bite of the Big Apple. I, once again, have a grasp of the little bits and pieces that will propel me towards my next undertaking. I just have to listen, seek, and very importantly: follow through.

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