Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Just wait for it."

Posted by Mariel on Thursday, August 13, 2009
Little Amélie spending a leisurely day eating raspberries.

When my dad started blogging a couple of months ago, he took to building posts, sourcing photos, and finding catchy titles in a classic journalistic manner—just like he would during those years he worked as an editor for a newspaper. At one point, we were trying to figure out a domain name (or was it a blog title?) and we were just sitting there in his study and he said:

"Just wait, it'll come. The universe just gives it to you. Just sit and wait."

Now, my dad isn't space-age-y that way, in fact, he can sometimes be painfully objective and straightforward. But there is that side of him that churns out cool and catchy life mantras, many of which have come in handy during tough times at work. Here are some that I'd managed to write down in random pages of my notebook:

1. "Being down makes you flexible and enterprising. View this as a challenge."

2. "There are 14 million people in New York, according to Sex and the City. You'll find at least 10 good bosses in that 14 million."

3. "When a door closes, a window opens—or break a window!"

4. "Plant seeds. They bear fruit at the right and perfect time."

5. "Don't step on people on your way up, so on your way down, they'll catch you instead of kicking you lower."

6. "Enjoy the search. It's about the travel more than the destination. So travel tomorrow."

7. "EBAY." :)

And my favorite so far is:

8. "Don't sit on your garlands."
(a.k.a. "Never rest on your laurels.")

As for "waiting for it," he may be right. I am a true believer in Divine Inspiration and Timing.

With this Inspiration Series, when I was forming it in my head, I'd intended it to be regular, but not daily pieces, unlike the 30-Day Blog Challenge wherein I'd blogged for 30 consecutive days, with one or two scheduled posts within the series. But I find that everyday, a burst of inspiration (sometimes, two) just instantly leads me to start typing away on the keyboard, and I don't have to rack my brain for the perfect words; they just flow. Cool huh?

Well of course, with that, I follow the standard writing/editing mantra of "Create and collate," meaning, write freely, go with the flow of your thoughts, and then edit: Check for form, grammar, and readability, and so forth.

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