Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"It smells like God."

Posted by Mariel on Tuesday, August 11, 2009
I recently ordered a box of Pocket Inspiration cards from my former boss and editor at Seventeen, Maya, who now creates these lovely pieces: from the writing, design, and illustration (you can get them from her Etsy shop online).

The small padded envelope arrived containing the following: a handwritten note from Maya herself, wishing me well for my upcoming wedding, a tiny card with instructions on how to use the cards, a small wooden clip with a tiny orange ladybug bead attached to it (too cute!), little white envelopes, and the cards encased in a lavender box tied with native twine.

I noticed that the note I was holding was lightly scented. My little brother was a few steps away so I showed it to him. He exclaimed, "Wow, it smells like God!" My heart immediately swelled and I almost got teary eyed. As we unwrapped the white envelopes, he again said, "They smell like God, too!" I can't exactly describe the scent, but the closest I could get to putting it to words is that it's a mix of a powdery floral aroma with a subtle tinge of musk.

So Maya, if you're reading this, thank you for making these cards: They're precious—and I'm calling them my little pieces of heaven. I know they're also meant to be shared with other people, to "make it your intention to inspire," but I'll forever treasure them, whether they fly away or stay close by.
DAY 1 Thanks to a blogger tip I recently read and in light of today's lovely parcel, I'd like to start an Inspiration Series—seven posts that are meant to inspire and warm the heart—starting TODAY.

(Center-aligned images courtesy of Pocket Inspiration at Etsy.com)


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