Monday, July 13, 2009

DAY 28 My Sentiments Exactly

Posted by Mariel on Monday, July 13, 2009
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A few years ago I heard of this theory that one tends to feel the exact same way one did a year to the date of whatever triggered the emotion. The other night, I found myself feeling strangely melancholic for no apparent reason other than that time of the month. I realized, it had been exactly a year since I'd abruptly lost my first "official" New York job due to unforeseen circumstances. That was also the time when one of the first, genuine friends I've made in the city had to leave for Paris. She was a colleague of mine and she and I shared many lunches together, chatting over way too many things; comparing stories about our cultures. I'd always assumed the French had a more liberal take on relationships. It came as a surprise to find out they were quite Filipino in that sense.

The thing with the French is that they come across as snooty and impersonal when you first meet them. But once they warm up to you, they turn out to be amazing friends. My former colleage, Caroline, also patiently taught me one French phrase a week for six months straight back when I was doing my 2008 New Year's resolution of learning the language via easy sentences. (I'd hoped to learn a total of 52 by year's end.)

Unfortunately, I'll be navigating the streets of Paris with a very cryptic command of the language. Both the lessons and the job ended mid-year as our jobs—hers and mine—were consolidated and I became too expensive to keep around. On the bright side, that kick-started my editorial life in the city; the career I'd moved to the Big Apple for, picking up from where I'd left off in Manila and learning so much more along the way.

These days, the work I do is a very modern twist of working in Manhattan but enjoying being away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. One day I know I'll have to start looking for a new apartment again. But for now I'm enjoying work with my socks on and a slice of cake within reach.

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