Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DAY 16 Something Old, Something Borrowed

Posted by Mariel on Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Up until recently I had no idea that brides-to-be were to have and to hold the following on their wedding day:

Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe.


Thanks to my good friend, Frances of Topaz Horizon, I'm now privy to this info. By the way, she, her husband, Vince, and her classical musician brother, Theodore, are gifting us with the quartet services on the wedding! So thankful!

The other day, my mom and I got talking about her old jewelry; the pieces I saw her wear growing up. There aren't very many, a lot of them are dainty pieces made out of 24-karat gold. Some were gifts from Lola Pacing, my late grandmother on my father's side. I remember her giving me a soft, pliable gold ring that I wore at maybe seven years old. When my mother left for the States, I had with me a few pieces that I think are now with my Auntie Tata (my dad's youngest sister). Maybe you can tell, I'm not very good at keeping jewelry. Most of what I own now are costume and chunky beads of all shapes and sizes. At the moment, my only mega-precious piece is my engagement ring.

Anyway, in the photo is Mom's old Gucci watch. It comes with different colored bands and a jewel-rimmed one. She claims she'd tried to give me the watch a while back but I don't remember. So we agreed she'd give it to me after the wedding, so it can be my 'Something Borrowed.' And my 'Something Old' will be this delicate gold necklace that apparently I'd owned as a child but completely forgot about. It has two tiny heart pendants that are so apt for the occasion.

The thing about Gucci, is I don't own anything from the brand. I purposefully have chosen not to. Three years ago on a trip to Rome—where I was generally blown away by the architecture and history, among many other things (including having my eyes opened for the first time to the massive luxury retail options) I decided I would only by a Gucci bag once I turn 30, and I'll have to pay for it in cash, no credit card, in celebration of my financial independence. It was going to be particularly momentous; I wanted the whole shebang of flying to Rome again, going to the Gucci store, and watching them wrap the package, tissue paper, and all.

However, I doubt if I will see any part of Europe this year. With the wedding plans, I cannot afford an expensive side trip, all the more the shopping involved. It's okay because Italy is still a viable option for a honeymoon. And for now, I'll have the watch to fulfill the 'Gucci plan' for this year. The bag will just have to wait.


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