Sunday, June 21, 2009

DAY 6 One, Two, Three, Sharpie

Posted by Mariel on Sunday, June 21, 2009

If THAT doesn't put a smile on your face, then I don't know what will :) Imagine rows and rows of Sharpie markers of different shapes (regular, retractable) and sizes (fine, ultra-fine, chisel). I was wandering the aisles of Office Depot earlier today shopping for supplies when I came across this cornucopia of colors. At $1.69 a pop, you can't go wrong with this treat.

Remember those magnetic pencil boxes in 80's that were like mini-gadgets sorts, with buttons that made compartments and a bevy of other 'features' pop out? I have the fondest memories of back-to-school shopping at National Bookstore (and Cinderella for the Esprit notebooks; I was ten at the time!).

In the town I spent my grade school years in, a small bookstore across campus sold Garfield notebooks and those with local celebrities printed on them (the likes of Romnick Sarmienta and Sheryll Cruz at the height of their stardom). My mother and cousin used to threaten to buy me those at the start of the schoolyear. You see, I was a pretty vain kid and I was very particular about what I bought. My notebooks had to be nice. My bags had to be nice. My socks had to be nice... Oh boy!

That said, I had really ugly handwriting. I used to copy all the popular girls' handwriting and didn't come to my own until much later in high school. And then I got better and better at note-taking as the years went by, all the way to my adult working life. So there goes the trajectory of my office-supply fascination.


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