Thursday, June 18, 2009

DAY 3 The 30-day Blog Challenge

Posted by Mariel on Thursday, June 18, 2009
Fluid thoughts, right on time.

I recently read this over at my friend (and former boss) Maya's blog, Walastik Holistic:

"Do something regularly over a period of 30 days
and you will create a habit."

The first thing that came to mind was, "Ah, that can apply to my blogging."

Initially I'd intended to wake up everyday at 5am and churn out an entry by daybreak. Unfortunately, I still lack the EQ to unglue myself from the comforter that early in the morning and I have no intention of making blog posting a stress-inducing experience. So for now I'll stick to the schedule I know best: writing at night.

If and when I am successful with coming up with 30 posts in daily succession, I'll keep adding more 30-day Challenges to my repertoire, e.g. "The 30-day Pilates Challenge," The 30-day Apple Cider With Every Meal Challenge," and so forth. And probably down the line be primed for the 5am thing. Eep!

I'm on Day Three so far. Please cheer for me everybody!

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